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    I was wondering if anyone has attempted to save edit the world ends with you. I tried backing up the save with chechpoint and editing it with a hex editor, but it corrupted the save. I dont really have any experience with checksums.
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    Jan 3, 2016
    i tried to edit save as well but no luck. i dont understand checksums either. all i know is the third and forth line when you open save in hex editor is the checksum but i dont know the checksum algorithm or what part of save the checksum covers, i been trying to use a memory dumper edit game as it runs but cant seem to get it to work properly.
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    I've got the checksum figured out. It's a bit-flipped, byte-reversed SHA256 of everything after the hash. I'm able to patch player stats, and will look at the completion stats after playing though the game once.

    Right now I have a python script that fixes the checksum after editing the save file by hand.

    gbatemp dot net /threads/the-world-ends-with-you-final-remix-gamesave-reverse-engineering.521801/
    (Argh, can't post looks, even to gbatemp)
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