Tutorial to Extract ISOs from WBFS Harddrive (Wii Loader)

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    Tutorial to Extract ISOs from WBFS Harddrive

    This guide is for those that have a already formatted WBFS Harddrive, and if you're like me enjoy command prompt.

    If not you can choose to use the GUI version which is very nice, courtesy of calimero100582 (I think?)
    http://duchaine.dyndns.org/index.php/telec...are/wbfsgui.zip (Make sure you put the file in the directory with wbfs_win.exe)

    Anyways, on to command prompt goodness;

    1. Download The WBFS Tool

    2. Extract it to a convenient place such as the root folder of your C:\ drive. This means it would come out as C:\WBFS.

    3. Press the Windows Key + R, or goto your Run command

    4. Type CMD and press Enter. This will bring the Command Prompt.

    5. Type "CD C:\WBFS" (without the "") and press Enter.

    6. Goto My Computer, and take notice of the Drive Letter that is your Wii's Harddrive.

    7. Go back to Command Prompt and type "wbfs_win.exe G list" (where G corresponds to the letter of your Wii's harddrive, refer to step 6). Press Enter.

    8. It will now display a list of the games on your Wii's harddrive with a specific 6 letter code for the game. Taking this code type
    "wbfs_win.exe RDQPGD extract" and Press Return. Notice RDQPGD is the code for Dragon Quest Swords? The ISO will now be extract to your C:\WBFS Folder. Make sure you have enough room available!


    Hey Presto!
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