tutorial for ppsspp multiplayer using Tunngle

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    Jul 4, 2016
    Hi i found & share this tutorial for those who still want and like playing psp games online ,the tutorial is copied from the ppsspp forums, check the original link for more explicit info http://forums.ppsspp.org/showthread.php?tid=12714

    What you need :

    ppsspp - Download PPSSPP from the official website or from buildbot.
    Getting it from buildbot is recommended. Make sure, though, that the build is STABLE AND WITHOUT ERROR

    Tunngle - Download Tunngle from here and install it.

    Tunngle setup:

    -Run tunngle,click the yellow bar to register an account , login your created account at the bottom of the window
    -Make sure the rectangular smiley at the bottom-right corner is GREEN OR YELLOW.
    -To have the smiley green or yellow, you need to port forward Tunngle. Click this for more info.
    -In the search bar at the top-left corner, type the title of the game you're going to play,after that enter one of the rooms that appear from the middle section.
    -From the right section, pick the player who is going to host the game and right-click his name and select "Copy IP to clipboard."
    -Make sure to connect to someone WITHOUT A RED X BESIDE HIS NAME.
    ( If you want to connect to a certain player with a red X beside his name, one or both of you needs to port forward Tunngle. Click this for more info.)
    - If you decided to host the game, right-click your own username instead to copy your own IP.

    PPSSPP setup :

    - Load the game that you want to play. Make sure the game region is THE SAME FOR ALL PLAYERS who want to play together.
    the game code should be whether ULUS10391 for [US] version, ULES01213 for [EU] version, or ULJM05500 for [JP] version.
    - From PPSSPP.exe, go to Settings -> System -> Networking and "Enable networking/WLAN."
    - Below that, click "Change proAdhocServer IP address" and paste host's IP.
    - Below that, click "Change MAC address" to generate a random MAC address that won't match other players' MAC address.
    - Under System -> Cheats, make sure cheats are NOT ENABLED.
    -> Emulation make sure "Fast memory" is NOT ENABLED.
    - Under Controls -> Control mapping, don't map anything for "Unthrottle" or "Speed toggle" to avoid using them,don't map anything for "Save State" or "Load State" as well.

    - In game, go to multiplayer(when you go to multiplayer for the first time, a window for firewall may pop-up.Simply check "Private networks" and "Public networks" and click "Allow access.")
    - players who want to play with you should copy and paste the host's IP to their "proAdhocServer IP address" as well.
    - after they've done so, you should be able to see them in the multiplayer preparation room of the game.
    - you need to change IP's whenever you want to join a different host or whenever you want to host a game.

    Ps.Even if the ppsspp game list on tunngle is not very big, you can play unlisted ppsspp games aswell (that suport multiplayer ofc ) just by doing the ip steps from the tutorial
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    Dec 29, 2014
    Cool,it will help a lot of poeple :D
  3. Alex90

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    Jul 4, 2016
    thats the idea ^_^
    btw beside tuungle it seems to work with coldbird.net also ,just have to disable pro build in adhoc and write on network coldbirt.net or their ip & check their server status https://pro.coldbird.net/status/status.xml