[Tutorial] Enable Facebook Browsing on Switch

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    How to enable Facebook browsing on Switch:

    1. Click your Profile Picture/Mii on your Switch's Main Menu screen. (Your Profile's Page)

    2. Go to User Settings.

    3. Go to Posting to Social Media.

    3. Now, choose Link on Facebook.

    4. Input your FB username, but do not input a correct password and press login. On your second try, you can now input your correct password.

    5. Viola! Facebook browsing time!

    NOTE: You must unlink and re-link your Facebook account each time you want to use the FB browser.

    UPDATE: @KamazasBl said that you can just click Facebook to browse again.
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    Good instruction but I am not into Facebook for the video game console. I am fine with PC/MAC only.
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    nope, just unlink the account and just always click facebook instead of linking.
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