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    So I've started looking into modding sonic forces for the switch. I've figured out a pretty rough idea of how to mod it. But...
    I cannot get them to load without the gamecrashing.
    What I've learned:
    1. sonic forces uses cpk files which are located in the disk folder. not sure what the data alignment is though. The first cpk is wars_0.cpk and it's a little larger than 5gb. The second cpk is a little bigger than 1gb and is named wars_1.cpk.
    2. There are a few mods (such as better controls of classic sonic) that have commonobject.pac which is not present in the switch version of the game.
    3. Now I'm not entirely sure if it's layeredfs that's having a issue or the cpk data aligment was incorrect upon rebuilding. Simply put, your not getting past the sega loading screen. Id imagine that layeredfs may be having some trouble trying to replace the cpk file (most mods are contained within the first cpk. Since the first cpk has a large bulk of the game) Which I must repeat is 5gbs. (which may be much for it to replace.) I also want to note that modding the game this way is a pain in the ass and time consuming. Since you need to unpack the entire cpk. Then place the mods, and repack it. If there was method akin to how the pc user base of sonic forces have modded the game then this wouldn't be a problem. (which is patching the cpk instead of unpacking and repacking the entire game)
    Which often will happen is you'll reach the sega logo. System will hang. And then the switch will spew out a error saying the software had a problem.
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