Trying to get my backups working again...

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    So essentially I used to have my Wii set up and working perfectly with an external HDD connected to it. The HDD enclosure ended up breaking and I didn't touch it for a long time.

    Now I'm trying to get it working again. This time I've got an SSD with a SATA>USB cable. My Wii won't recognize it though. Can anyone offer any advice? I've tried both ports and the SSD is formatted to FAT32 (which is what I had working before).

    Edit: Essentially what I did was copy-paste all of my folders from the HDD onto the SSD. I figured it'd have the same file system so it would work. Doesn't seem to be going that way though..
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    The Wii can be picky with the type/brand of HDD, maybe it's the same issue with SSD? Is the SSD usb powered, maybe it needs a y cable for both USB ports?
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    You have to do a copy, stick with wii backup manager, it does it very well.

    If you do a copy, paste directly from DDE to DDE, it may be that folders are incorrectly positioned on the DDE.

    This is why we need to use wii backup manager.