True Love 95 on 3DS

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    Sep 30, 2016
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    Hope this is the right forum section.

    So I've spent a silly amount of time trying to find a way to make this work. Things I've tried:

    *Running DSX86 on my R4 cart and installing windows 3.1 to try and run it. Windows 3.1 didn't work for me correctly, it was missing all it's .GRPs.

    *Running Windows 98 via Retroarch through the 3DS homebrew channel. Windows 98 did work, but there seems to be no mouse support making navigation pretty much impossible and I'm not even sure if I could get the files onto it.

    *Running the PC-98 version on Neko Project II for the 3DS. The game ran, but the text was only about 5% correct, the rest was just varying amounts of "?" replacing the text, and it was only in Japanese for the PC-98 anyways which I didn't realize at first.

    *Running the webpage version of the game. The game worked, but very poorly, and got stuck several times in the first few moments of play in the 3DS browser, plus there's no way to save progress.

    *Tried reaching out to the guy who was going to port it to DS, but he gave up on the project for some reason or other.

    If anyone has ANY ideas about how I can accomplish getting this game on my 3DS, I am open to all your thoughts, thanks for reading this!

    EDIT: I got Windows 3.0 to work correctly on DSX86 but when I tried to launch the True Love .EXE it crashed with an IO error.