Trouble with save files

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    Aug 4, 2009
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    So i recently got a dstt looks real, and i wanted to convert my m+l pit save file from no$gba. I know to use shunyweb but im having troubles with it. So i converted it but it turned out to be only 3 kb for some reason and i checked the rom and sav file are the same name so it should work. But when i turn on my ds and run the game, no save file there. Any help? [​IMG]
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    Aug 7, 2008
    I'm going to save this post as a text file because I've made it so many times and I'm getting tired of typing it out.

    NO$GBA compresses all save files by default. Flash cards, on the other hand, almost exclusively use raw data, padded to 512KB if necessary. To use saves from NO$GBA on flash cards, you first need to disable save compression. Unfortunately, there's no GUI switch for this, so you need to edit NO$GBA.INI, which should be in the same directory as the NO$GBA executable. You should probably close NO$GBA before doing this, just in case. If you don't see NO$GBA.INI, open NO$GBA and hit Options > Save Options. Now open NO$GBA.INI in a text editor such as Notepad, and search (Ctrl+F) for "SAV/SNA File Format" (without quotes). Assuming you haven't changed anything before, it will probably say:

    SAV/SNA File Format == Compressed
    Instead, you want it to say this:

    SAV/SNA File Format == Raw
    Save the file with this modification. In future, whenever NO$GBA writes a save file, it will be written in the raw format common to flash cards. This means that you will need to load each game whose save you wish to use in NO$GBA one more time before copying the saves across; otherwise they will remain in the compressed format, which is useless to your flash card. After you have done this, you should be able to copy the save file directly from your BATTERY folder to your flash card (that is, you should not need to use the ShunyWeb converter or any other).