Trouble With ACNL Save

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    Hi! I'm running Ninjhax 2.0.0 on a 3DS XL running firmware 10.3.0-28U. I've been using Save Manager by profi200 for a long time now to Import/Export my Pokemon US/UM/Sun/Moon saves and even my original ACNL save. But for some reason, my new copy of ACNL Welcome Amiibo that I'm trying to edit is causing this app to crash instantly (select ACNL: Welcome Amiibo, red screen comes and freezes). I tried installing the ACNL save editor, JKSM and Checkpoint to get around this but they don't work either. Checkpoint freezes at the same Red Screen after booting, JKSM says "Error Opening Save Archive: C920454F," and the ACNL Save Manger says "The application you attempted to run requires a title that is not installed in the system."

    Any ideas as to what is going on & how to work around it?

    EDIT: I realize after posting that I was in the wrong section when I wrote this!! Sorry! Please move to the appropriate section!
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