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    So, basically, my main switch seemed to just die on me and I had to start using my backup switch as my daily driver and I don't have anyway of accessing the saves, through system transfer or the likes, from my old (now broken) switch to transfer them over, I do have a recent backup of everything from right before i updated to 6.1.0 and can access it through hacdiskmount or whatever. Question is, how in the heck do I get my old saves from the broken switch over to and working with my new switch?

    I have tried mounting my backup from my old broken switch with hacdiskmount and tried copying over the save folder, but the new switch just greets me with a corruption error when it boots up and then deletes the "corrupted" save data. Also, the new switch I am using now has yet to be banned and isn't linked to my Nintendo account and never been on the internet. Would signing into my linked account that was associated with those saves on the broken switch on the new switch make it so these saves would work or is it more of because the saves are tied to a different console?

    Thanks for any help on the matter and hope this all makes sense.

    EDIT - Nothing?... Anything?...well I will keep trying and searching around. If anyone can help please, way in. Would really appreciate it.

    EDIT 2 - Well, was messing around with my broken switch nand dump (the one with the saves I need) in hacdiskmountand and just realized there is a save folder in both the user and system partitions...hmm seems to be the exact same info in both locations. Before, I was just looking inside the user partition for the saves. Thoughts anyone?
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