Touch of War

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    Dec 28, 2008
    Hi Folks,

    Total newb here (to NDS / homebrew & gaming in generals... kids with NDSs for xmas getting me looking into this stuff) so happy new year to all on this v.useful forum... and hope you can answer some basic Q's

    ... I have forum searched & googled but not finding what I need, so specific post to ask>>>

    Have been trying a Touch of War, as looks like a good HomeBrew game. In Survival mode I can't seem to get very far (trying to work for resources, set up a barracks, train some soliders) before the invading hordes just overwhelm me every time:
    > is this inevitable?
    > is there a way of getting ahead of the curve, so you have a chance of survival??
    > am i missing something???

    Many thanks if you can give any hints & tips