Top Screen doesn't work anymore...partially

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Well, this is the situation: my sister's DS broke its right hinge (the one near the lights, like the image below but on the right side):


    Now, it all worked fine, the DS no longer had that support of the hinge and when the screens were open instead of forming a 150 angle (like normally), they formed an 180 one. The screens were still working, though.

    However, the top screen now only turns on the backlight, whilst the bottom one works perfectly. Do you think the ribbon cable has somehow gotten a bit loose? I doubt it's damaged, otherwise it wouldn't even turn on the backlight...

    The crack is on the right side, and I know the ribbon cable connects on the left, but since the DS was in bad shape, it's likely it's damaged.

    What do you think I should do? Get a full housing and replace it?
  2. Chinman

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    Dec 16, 2006
    i replaced a top screen recently, it is possible that the cable may be damaged, i know that if the cable is loose then the bottom screen flashes white and turns off.

    this is the video i used to learn to take it apart, be aware you will need a triwing and a phillips screwdriver to open it up and will technically void your warranty but there is no real way nintendo can tell if you open up a ds lite.

    if the cable is loose then it is a very easy job, push the cable back in, push it in as far as it will go (i made this mistake first time, cable was not pushed in all the way in even tho it was held by the clip)

    if the cable is damaged or you need to replace the top screen then its a harder job but doable, the hardest part is rolling the cable into a tube and threading it through the hinge.

    if the top lcd needs replacing then you will need a soldering iron to transfer the speakers to the new screen (i did this with a normal iron but a fine tipped one wouldve been much easier)

    the housing may need replacing but you could consider removing the housing and then fixing it with superglue. hope this helps

    all the parts and tools required are readily available on ebay, even the screen was only £2.50 from china, was a little darker but works perfectly