Tips for an outdated M3?

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    Basically, a few years back I got an M3 Ds real and it worked like a charm. Somewhere along the way someone lost my SD card and my files with it. I haven't tried using it since, and I lack the files to use it along with games to play on it. Can someone link me to the system files and possibly somewhere I can find games to start using it again?
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    Well, just about everything you need is from just search for your cart. This should work as your base cart
    As for Games and apps, I would recommend
    Moonshell for mp3 and dpg(movies)
    DSOrganize - IRC, Web Browser, File Browser, Notepad, Calender, contacts, and calculator. All in one(I linked to a slightly older version as it will be less buggy)
    DSCraft A minecraft classic clone for DS
    Quake / Doom DS first person shooters
    ichiflys gbaemu4ds - runs gba games from slot-1 cart withought extra hardware
    GameYob- GBC/GB Emulator for DS
    DSx86-An excellent emulator for the 286 MS DOS machine
    slightly old homebrew top homebrew list
    This isnt homebrew but It is a good tutorial on whats what in the DS homebrew scene

    And Welcome to the Fourms!