Things to do with dumped games?

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    May 13, 2017
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    I recently found out about braindump and would like to give it a shot. I have homebrew (running 11.4) and so I don't have cfw. But I do want to try out citra with my own games by dumping the cartridges and eshop games. But is there anything else I can do with the game contents after dumping them? Like if I were to sell the games and just have the contents, could I then play them again with cfw when comes to 11.4 (but without having to buy another console or hardmod)?
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    If you're into hacking (which I would assume you are, haha), definitely use Asia81's PackHack to unpack some of the games you have and see what's inside. Really just a starting point but generally speaking you can find manuals and songs from the games as well as textures/models. If they're Virtual Console titles you could take the ROMs from them to have instead of downloading ROMs from the internet. At that point, too, you could replace the contents of some games to alter the game either visually or how it plays (think Smash 4 as an example). You could also learn about Virtual Console injecting, as Nintendo's Virtual Console emulators run at full speed so that whatever ROMs you'd want to play could be at full speed. These are just a couple of things.
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    1: this is illegal you know (tm)
    2: Braindump output is not a good dump, the exheader of the CXI is wrong (and an userland homebrew can't do much better) so it can't be repackaged into a working 3ds/cia (however, most games are "re"downloadable directly from eShop servers)
    3: any console on any version can be modded thanks to the development of sighax -- hardmods can be free if you already have the tools and time to practice :)
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    Roms are good for playing in emulators, creating install cia to have on SD card, or hacking, not much else you could do with it, i usually extract audio files from 3DS roms to listen to in Foobar2000 with vgmstream plugin.

    You just need to install bootstrap9 on a 3ds, then use godmode9 to dump roms from the cart, then you can use on citra for emulation, or extract for salvage files for any purpose, mods i guess. Or install it on the system SD card to play without the cart. Basically rom dumps are just glorified version of a cart.

    Well is just me anyway, honestly if you have game carts, just use them, is what it is for.
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    Dec 12, 2016
    No you are not able to sell the until you have cfw !!!
    There are multiple Things in your Cardridge-Rom:
    For Example: The RomFS and ExeFS but Braindump just dumps the RomFS (that is not enough for reinstalling the app because you can't install a cxi)