thenewpoketext hgss translation issue

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    Hello all,

    First of all I appreciate all the work being done on translation here. I can't translate but I have been trying to merge the translation done (at a site that has a rom name in it) with Magnius's work. I have read the instructions for using thenewpoketext and have gotten everything to work up to compiling the xml into the .nds. Not knowing a better way to go about doing this, all I did was try to find differences between Wataru's latest xml file and the xml from extracting the one from the rom site.

    As I said, I didn't know a better way of doing this (if you know please tell [​IMG] ) because I ended up ctrl f'ing certain English alphabet characters (I used "j") throughout the xml files to find what was translated into English in the either of the translation. I merged the English translated parts into one xml file. This was a slow process, and once I finally got to compiling the xml I got the error:


    To my dismay this was like 1-1.5 hours gone to waste. Does anybody know what's going on, or perhaps simply have a working xml file that accomplishes what I was trying to attempt and is willing to send it to me? What do the numbers 0-38 indicate? Do they indicate the file id="NUMBER"? If so does that mean I have errors in that region of the xml file? I attached my own xml file if anyone here actually cared enough to look through it.

    Thanks in advance!
    (Until then I'm going to accept my failure and use only settling for one of the translations to use)