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  1. rnw10va

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    Apr 15, 2017
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    Hi guys. So I'm a little confused on how themely works. Whenever I install a theme does that mean that it's being made the background or is it actually installing somewhere? If I change theme a bunch it says installing on each one and that should mean that it's using a lot of memory, right? Lastly, I can't figure out how to delete themes. I know there are instructions in the app but I think I'm doing something wrong as it isn't working. Thanks.
  2. Joom

    Joom  ❤❤❤

    Jan 8, 2016
    United States
    It doesn't install themes to the NAND or anything, so no extra space is being used. To delete a theme just delete it from the themes folder.
  3. Cralex

    Cralex GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 29, 2016
    United States
    When you use themely to switch themes or shuffle themes, what it's doing is putting data from the theme(s) into the part of your 3ds that displays the home menu theme. It's just a cache, really, not actual storage. When you switch themes, either with themely or with the official theme manager, this cache is overwritten with the theme(s) you chose.

    The point is that you aren't getting duplicate themes taking up space somewhere. You're just swapping what's in your active theme slot.
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