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    Jul 3, 2013
    Hello, homies! How are ya today!? B-)
    This is my first thread I have ever done since years I have made this account! :O Amazing isn't!?

    Going back on topic, you may think how cringey is my title right? :wtf: Sorry about that sounds very selfish! :shy::rofl2: Matter of fact, I have a theory, maybe a new possible way to unban from a 022-2822 NNID ban!

    My question is, I haven't tried it yet because I sense some bricking on the air. *sniiiiiifff* :ph34r::ninja:
    ¿Can I dump both SecureInfo_A's from one NNID banned 3DS (from the pokemon sun and moon ban) and one New 3DS being all fine and switch them over?
    I wanted to kind of fake the New 3DS being the banned one to link the NNID without actually going to server-side Ninty process, to be unbanned. :sleep:
    Then do a System Transfer, then switch back their SecureInfo_A!

    Sounds like a dream come true... but is it possible? :p1ng:
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  2. piratesephiroth

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    Sep 5, 2013
    If the NNID is banned there's nothing you can do with it anymore.

    If you got a 022-2812 error, it's a DeviceId ban. The only way to bypass it is to make a Luma3DS payload to inject another CTCert (extracted from an unbanned console).

    Nintendo's servers don't verify the validity of SecureInfo_A so I don't think they ever use the serial numbers for banning.
  3. Dukowski

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    Oct 24, 2015
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    Your post is a cringefest.

    Yeah, as said above, the DeviceId is the thing to be changed when banned.
    If the SecureInfo_A were detected somehow I guess playing online with downloaded CIAs could easily be blocked and we know it is not.

    I guess you could buy a cheapo 3ds to "unban" your console, but I'd wait for a definitive solution that could make your console unbannable.
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    Tell me about it... lol

    I let my brother be, I can't do anything to remove that cringe ego.
  5. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Wrong premise... those bans (like the recent ones, and EVERY ban from friends list/multiplayer) are not on the NNID, for a NNID is never required or used for multiplayer; this isn't a WiiU