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    If you have fond memories of Tactical Card Game-oriented role-playing games like the very first D.O.D or Link to the Past on the board, then Moonglow the magic card is a love letter written expressly to you.
    This is fantastic, old-school card with deep tactics in previous generations. Moon was broken, you must solve the mystery of what happened to moonglow world. There is a primary storyline that runs throught the heart of the game. but there are dozen upon dozens of bot you can accept or deny.

    Battles in Moonglow unfold in turn-based system you may recall from franchises like heart of stone of War craft.
    But this system keeps the game relentlessly fresh. Trying different skills and card on enemies - and there are a lot of type of different map for this game.
    The key to sucess in old-style games like Moonglow is to be willing to spend some time thinking better tactical card, using better card.
    And the digging up card deck of this game is reasonable. you can just view some ad, and get some game money.
    Money is used to buy card skin and caracter.

    The Verdict
    - Moonglow totally trumps all other TCG games on the Android marketplace.
    While I was constantly reminded of my favorite adventures of yesteryear on the D.O.D while playing Moonglow
    The game also introduces some fresh concepts to the genre like the Pet system and customizing joker card. The game is epic, too
    a real value for your all time.

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