Hacking Taiko no Tatsujin V Compression


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Oct 15, 2014
New Zealand
New Zealand
With recent developments in VITA Hacking and just my general interest in the 3DS Taiko games my attention has been drawn to Taiko V.

From what I can tell the files are under some sort of compression, makes sense since the 3DS titles are compressed using LZ11.

I'm looking at maybe porting the songs from VITA to the 3DS, it has proven possible with Taiko DX from the PSP so I'm hopeful its possible with the VITA.

Which brings me to my question, I've attached sample files and a few screenshots for quick glance and was hoping someone either knew what compression it is under/can help write something to decompress.

Again, all files seem to be under the same compression so would need be worked out for menu translations and such in the future, I'm sure texture files are a whole other hassle though.

Finally here are shots of a similar file from 3DS.

The Sample Files attached are as followed.

VITA/daybyd_e.bin (1.23 KB)
VITA/kakunin_e.bin (288 Bytes)
VITA/rr1_e.bin (1.34 KB)
^Compressed VITA Files.

3DS/butou5_e.bin (960 Bytes)
3DS/calib_e.bin (864 Bytes)
3DS/daiku_e.bin (1.53 KB)
^Compressed 3DS Files

3DS/Decompressed/butou5_e.bin (9.30 KB)
3DS/Decompressed/calib_e.bin (8.07 KB)
3DS/Decompressed/daiku_e.bin (7.86 KB)
^Decompressed 3DS Files, what I'm trying to get VITA files to look like.

Thanks for any help :)


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