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Discussion in 'Android' started by Blaze163, Feb 15, 2014.

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    Got myself a tablet at last. Flytouch VI Superpad. Budget model, but still a 10.1 inch running Android 4.0, 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, 1GB RAM, etc. So here's my question. According to the website I was perusing, gakmes like Tiny Death Star should work, but it seems to run rather slowly. So what games/apps/emulators can you recommend that will definately work with this machine? Preferably ones I can run from Micro SD since storage on the system itself is limited. I have Kingsoft Office for my writing, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja came pre-installed, but that's about all I have at the moment. Looking at getting a GBA emulator later. Anything else you guys can recommend?
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    Emulators I have on my kindle fire hd (1.5ghz,1gb ram)
    MY BOY (excellent emulator and suports linking
    N64oid (Nice n64 emulator, should run games decent)
    DraStic ds( great, no awesome ds emulator with great compatibility
    Basically I use these most of the time.
    I dont download allot of games but the one I play the most dead trigger.
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    You can try PPSSPP, some of the games should work without a problem. There is FPse for ps1 games. And as blackwizz said Drastic(but first check if your system can handle it), N64oid.

    As gameboy emulators i prefer Gameboid and Gbcoid. They were taken off from the play store but you can find them easily with a google search.
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    As an owner of an S7800 I can honestly say when it comes to emulators the best to use are the .emu series

    Snes 9xEx - Super NES
    Neo.Emu (NeoGeo)
    MD.Emu - Genesis and Sega Master System
    EPSXE - Playstation - Much more compatible and pretty much zero issues on ANY games through the PS library. Will run at fun speed more or less.
    Drastic DS - You may get performance issues with this on the specs you've shown
    PPSSPP - PSP Emu. Again, you may get performance issues but there are ways and means of making alot of games run full speed on a tablet (NoMone Resolution Changer - Change your Tablets Res to PSP Native of 480x272 and you will get a massive performance increase in PSP games. Here is 3 links to vids I made showing games running full speed on fairly modest android hardware:

    Mame4Droid covers your 80s and early 90s arcade games as well. Anything newer than that however and you are likely to struggle hardware wise so yes, go ahead and try the older games, just dont expect the newer ones to work as well.
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    If your tablet can handle them:

    The Room
    The Room Two
    Final Fantasy VI
    Little Inferno
    Rayman Jungle Run
    Rayman Fiesta Run
    M&M Clash of Heroes
    Crayon Physics Deluxe

    Games in red may require better hardware.
    The Room is one of the few games on Android that takes advantage of touch controls in a unique way. I'm not entirely sure how low it can go on the processor heiarchy, by I know that most of anything from the last 2 years should handle it.
    Final Fantasy is the most ridiculous priced, but its also a full-game with several dozen hours of original gameplay. Square has good reason to charge $16 for it as it's worth that $16 and has the $16 worth of content.
    You can also buy any Final Fantasy from 1 to 6 on Android including FF4 After Years
    Little Inferno has a good 4-6 hours of gameplay, but basically all of what you do is burn stuff. Burn Physics*
    Rayman Run series has quickly became among my most favorite apps in all of the app store. The problem is that even with a Snapdragon S4 Pro, the game would sometimes choke up. Theres a ridiculous amount of handdrawn detail in these games and I wonder if 1080p on a 10-inch with a 1Ghz processor would be adequate enough.
    Might and Magic is a nice puzzle game. Its an HD port of the NDS game. For it's price you're getting what was a full game on NDS, without IAPs
    Crayon Physics Deluxe is PERFECT for a 10-inch screen, but I fear again your tablet might not be up to the task. The physics* of each object drawn might be a little much.

    *Physics - Let me just say that games with multiple objects that have their own physics can considerably drop frame rate in most games. To put it in perspective, A Physics game like Little Inferno more-than-often dropped well, well below 30 fps, even on a Snapdragon 800 chipset, which is currently the top of the line in mobile graphics processing. You should definately not buy it for your tablet, I'm just giving perspective on how demanding that physics-based games can actually be.

    Some honorable mentions since you got a large screen:

    Solid Explorer
    Dolphin Browser (Free)
    Nova Launcher Prime
    BeWeather Pro
    Smart RAM Booster Pro
    Seeder (Requires Root)
    Alphadia Genesis because its on sale right now.
    Ittle Dew
    Fresh Leaves

    If youre wondering why nothing I listed is free, I've got three reasons:

    #1 Most things Free on the store are often not worth my time.
    #2 Any free emulatot=rs I'd suggest are already suggested.
    #3 The Playstore has the top 500 most popular Free and Top 500 New Free lists with apps and games. If you don't want to spend money on apps, then you don't need us to tell you what to download as you already have two large lists where you can try the most popular apps in just a tap. You have a large free playground to go play in so you shouldn't ask people on what to play with, just try for yourself. However if you want an opinion on what to buy or buy and try, then I'll tell what I've taken chances on. Its actually remarkably easy to regret purchases on Android, but there are a few fraction I'll never regret. Namely Room, Rayman, Final Fantasy, and Clash of Heroes.
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    There's always Retroarch, which collects a lot of emulators using a single frontend and actually does so without violating their licenses. Most of the others are based on the same source code anyway.

    Whether it runs okay will depend on what you're using it to emulate.

    From the forum for Android:

    Cores currently supported:

    - PCSX ReARMed (ARM architecture only)
    - Picodrive
    - Genesis Plus GX
    - SNES9x Next
    - SNES9x
    - bsnes/higan (Performance core)
    - Stella
    - Desmume
    - VBA Next
    - NEStopia
    - FCEUmm
    - Mednafen PCE Fast
    - Mednafen NGP
    - Mednafen VB
    - Mednafen Wonderswan
    - Prboom
    - NX Engine (Cave Story)
    - FInal Burn Alpha
    - Gambatte
    - TyrQuake
    - MAME 2003 [0.78]
    - MAME 2010 [0.139]
    - Mupen64 Plus