System Menu 4.2 and CIOS stubs...

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by dupowdis, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Okay, So I have the Backup Launcher, Homebrew Channel, GC Launcher, etc, and I was thinking about updating to System Menu 4.2.

    I decided to go to WiiBrew to see what 4.2 would so to my wii, and apparently all it solely does is it blocks all the backup launching by replacing the CIOS's with stubs.

    WiiBrew says that I can get around this by deleting the Stubbed CIOS's with anytitledeleter, and then I presume that I can reinstall them with little problem...Would this work?
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    What I had to do to delete the stubs was first use AnyTitleDeleter and delete the IOS249 stub, this way I could install Waninkoko's cIOS. After installing the cIOS I used DopIOSMod (and with IOS249, which is the cIOS) I was able to run the stub remover without errors.

    Don't just delete random IOS's with AnyTitleDeleter, one false move and you're bricked -- that's why I suggest to only do 249 and let DopIOS do the rest of the stub detection.
    But yes most of the stubs are for piracy prevention, so as long as you use the safe 4.2 updater you should be okay and really not need to remove any stubs.
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    You will need to delete IOS's 202, 222, and 223 if you plan on using Hermes's cIOSs. Thise are mostly used for some of the instrument games and 202 is used by MPlayer.