1. WiiStrudle

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    Nov 18, 2008
    I need help. I Followed the instructions and Updated to 4.0 U with the patched IOS60 and Wananikoko's Firmware uypdater, everything worked fine, and I can load homebrew wads etc, but When I loaded a game with Backup Launcher gamma and reboot with hooks, I got an error whenever I would load a game from the disk channel, "IE: Game disk error, cannot read game Eject Disk etc..." So since I was getting errors, I read in the posting that you need to install Cioscrp 4 and the preloader to load games from the disk channel...now things are even worse, now when I load games from the Gamma loader, I get a wii core dump...Can someone PLEASE help me, I am not sure how to fix things now...

    Should I uninstall cioscorp and the preloader?
    Or is there something I need to do to remedy things.
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