"System Files are Corrupted" - usb loader forwarder

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by gumbo, May 27, 2010.

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    heres a strange error for ya, i click usb loader gx forwarder channel press start and i get "System Files are Corrupted" message after about 2 seconds, it only happens if i click the channel very fast upon booting the wii, it has only happened maybe 10 times total since whenever GX was first released, 99.9% of the time it works perfect, i have no other problems with the wii

    now the question is, is the SD stick just not being initialized correctly/fast enough and causing this (this SD stick is cheap and KNOWN to be unreliable) or is this a very minor system file corruption(worries me)? this is one of those annoying problems that are inconsistent and makes troubleshooting near impossible (i have a pc repair background)

    thanks for reading, hope someone with more knowledge of the wii errors/codes can confirm my suspicion of it just being a harmless SD problem


    edit reason: added it happens only after clicking start on the channel
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    My theory:

    If you click the channel too quickly after turning the Wii on, the SD card is not fully initialized yet, so, since the forwarder cannot find the file on SD, it attempts to reboot the Wii.

    I'm going to /assume/ you have preloader/priiloader/startpatch installed, and, when the forwarder reboots, it reboots without one of the patches/with a different IOS than the normal boot up...

    Just giving my two cents....
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    I had same issue with MplayerCE forwarder a while back. I could start up hit the channel and it would say "system corrupt", but sometimes if you click ANY channel, and hit left or right and scroll through channels too fast it would eventually black screen and say corrupt again. I think its not the init time, its just the custom channels them selves are slightly borked under certain specific conditions.
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