# System Conversion (Basic IT) and Music Theory (Interval)

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    I was taking notes on my laptop in class, but the problem arises when it comes to writing out the expanded notations (which I like to see).

    The four number system's we're using were: (1) Decimal (2) Binary (3) Octal and Hexadecimal.
    Number System Conversion

    I'm attaching my class notes (scroll to the bottom, all of my class notes are in a single large text file) (made it .doc) for accessibility/compatibility reasons
    since if I want to share my notes people they're not necessarily the most technology-friendly people. The problem with taking them is that there's no real
    easy way to type the expanded notation (which I need to see, because I'm slow and methodical). The good thing is that

    I'm having an open-note, open-book quiz on Tuesday, I'd appreciate if you guys could help me figure this out in due time so I can enjoy my Monday social-study-break.


    On a completely almost unrelated note, if anyone knows any good ways to memorize basic intervals

    My current problem is that I'm a 10 year Right-Brained (Creativity/Sound) Suzuki Violinist, so I'm having a hard time envisioning half-steps as they appear on the piano.
    The idea that a Sharp note can lower a given pair of notes and the idea that a flat can do the same are still things that I'm trying to wrap my head around. So, does anyone
    have any suggestions for practice-sites? I visited a local neighborhood piano teacher, but I don't want to exactly spend all of my weekend learning intervals. The Music Quiz is
    at 10:00AM Monday (EST) and the IT Quiz is the following day, Tuesday, at 11:00AM (EST).

    As far as my sight reading abilities go, I'm far more fluent in Treble (Violin Clef) than I am in Bass (Cell/Viola/Piano/Guitar).

    2 Qualities as far as Intervals go (Size/Number/#) and Quality --> (Diminished, Augmented, Major, Minor, and Perfect) (They can only have a single Quality).

    Piano Teacher told me to start memorizing the half-steps and practice with the Piano.
    Chart of Specific Intervals

    I'm somewhat confused how I'm going to apply this when I memorize them.

    (1) Half-Step Memorization
    (2) How to determine interval size/page
    (a) #/Quantity (b) Quality (Diminished/Augmented (and double forms)/Major/Minor/Perfect).

    As far as using the chart.
    (1) calculate quantity only (regardless of accidentals).
    (2) visualize on keyboard
    (3) Count Exact number of half-steps while visualizing on piano.

    Dim P Aug


    Dim -Minor Aug

    Yeah... I'll try to put up some practical problems as examples (a photo) of the workbook.

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