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    Mar 26, 2011
    I have a few questions about N3DS 9.2. If I were to downgrade my N3DS to 9.2, to unlink the NANDs and have my NNID on my EmuNAND I would need to format my SysNAND correct? So I was wondering:

    1. After doing this, would it be possible to install Ironfall v1.0 to my SysNAND so that if I ever get sick of 9.2 and want to upgrade SysNAND to the latest firmware, I could have a Homebrew entrypoint?
    2. Further, is it possible to install legit CIAs (via memchunkhax2 FBI or some other method) to the SysNAND on 9.2?
    3. If so, would Ironfall and these legit CIAs be maintained after the SysNAND update from 9.2 ==> latest firmware?
    4. If I wanted to update back to the latest firmware, I would want to relink my NNID to my SysNAND. To do this, I assume I would have to format my EmuNAND. But is it possible to then relink my NNID to SysNAND? And would that subsequently wipe Ironfall and the legit CIAs?

    If you're questioning why I'd even want to know all this it's because of this; I'm not sure if I'll enjoy being on 9.2 because EmuNAND on N3DS is locked to 9.5 max. I want to try it but I feel like I'll get sick of having to install cryptofixed games and firmware spoofs to play. Right now I'm on 10.3 and I've installed a bunch of legit CIAs, so I'm pretty happy where I am. Thing is, I want to downgrade to 9.2 while 10.4 is still not out so if 9.6+ EmuNAND is ever cracked on the N3DS I can have the latest EmuNAND and be happy. However, if I ever want to upgrade back to the latest firmware, I don't want to lose all the legit CIAs and the Ironfall permanent homebrew entrypoint because these things will surely be patched in 10.4+. So basically I want to know if I can install them and then have them carry across after the update so I don't miss out on anything if I downgrade and it's not for me. That was a hella long post full of annoying questions so yeah, if anyone has any advice to offer, thank you! I appreciate it :) Hopefully this is in the right section.
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    Oct 21, 2005
    - Keep in mind, when you format sysnand to unlink, you lose everything on your sysnand! this includes legit games, saves, Downloaded eShop games!

    1. No (*) (**) (***)
    2. Yes, rxTools boot in pasta mode
    3. Yes, if you update your system, your games are not updated, so if you have Ironfall 1.0 on sysnand 9.2 and update to latest firmware, your Ironfall will still be 1.0 (***)
    4. If you have formatted your sysnand to unlink, you have to setup your NNID again and redownload your games (you lose your saves etc...)
    (If you are on 9.2, before unlinking, make a NAND backup, then unlink, if you ever decide to update your sysnand again, restore NAND first, then update your system!
    This will get everything back like it was before you unlinked.)

    * I 'm not sure on another thing, but if you make an emunand backup if it should be possible to restore your emunand to your sysnand!, this way you should have everything back and don't lose anything
    So don't ever wipe IronFall from your Emunand if you downloaded version 1.0/1.1 from the eShop (***)

    ** This will not count if you installed IronFall as CIA

    *** I don't know if Old eShop version downloader still works and if it works under sysnand 9.2 or Emunand 10.3
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    Oct 16, 2015
    1. You can't use ironfall because it doesn't launch in 9.2, but you can setup menuhax for sending you to hbl whenever you need. When you unlink you format sysnand, so yeah. ironfall will stay on emunand.
    2. 9.2 is a khax vulnerable version, so yes, you can install not even legit CIAS, but unsigned ones too, to sysnand. Hence directly installing standard sysupdater cia to sysnand. (Although is not recommended,better use an emunand)
    3. Yes they would be, but I don't see the point of updating if downgrade was successful.
    4. Sure, just configure NNID again. Keep in mind you could lose your savedata, so backup them.

    Also remember latest supported emunand version for n3ds is 9.5
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