Syncing Wired DInput controllers to the Switch

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    So, after perusing this forum for a little bit of info on this subject, I discovered that some DirectInput controllers will work on the Switch, and some console-specific controllers (e.g. GameCube) will even work via adapters.

    This lead me to wondering: would ANY old DirectInput controller work?

    I tried using my MayFlash Wii U Pro Controller to PC/PS3 adapter, but couldn't get my Wii U Pro Controller to sync up to the console (neither via the adapter, nor via just plugging a USB cord into it).

    The reason I'm curious about this is because I have only Joy-Con controllers, which are good… for most games. But I'd like the option to use other controllers that I already own which have actual D-pads without buying more adapters, or at least the option to use controllers with D-pads that don't cost sixty dollars or more. (I'm looking at you, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. :|)

    A friend of mine is sending me an old X-Arcade two-player joystick (which apparently is for PC and PS3, and has two USB cords: one for each player), and I would LOVE to be able to use that for Magical Drop II or Shovel Knight on my Switch. :D

    I already can figure why Nintendo's controllers and USB peripherals don't work on the Switch: Nintendo wants people to buy more stuff, rather than having their new consoles be backward-compatible with the old things. ¯\(º_O)/¯ Understandable — but annoying.

    So: does anyone have an X-Arcade joystick — or any other DInput USB controller — that they could test to see if it works on the Switch? :) I'd like to make a list of DInput controllers that work, ones that don't, and see why certain controllers do or don't work. (Plus, playing arcade games with an arcade stick would be fantastic! :D)
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