Switch won't turn on

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    Hey everyone, I bought a broken switch that wont turn on. Got it for a reasonably cheap price with joycons etc.

    I swapped the batteries with my working battery and still can't get it to power on, original owner said they never hacked it and I checked for autorcm by trying to launch payload with sx dongle still didn't see anything.

    When I swapped the battery I plugged the original battery into a working console and it had 10% battery left.

    Any ideas.

    *update* when testing to put it into rcm with 100% battery it constantly connects and disconnects on the computer (device has malfunctioned). usb port itself looks good
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    Maybe first check for fluid damage inside.
    This guy has some very interesting videos on repairing Switches :

    A lot of tips in the follow-up video :
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