surround sound 7.1 or Stereo

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    Jun 26, 2015
    Hi people,
    I've just bought Turtle beach ear force stealth 400 wireless for my PS4... I am still not sure if My headset is surround sound or Stereo only ???? My ps4 select this headset as PCM Linear it lets me to choose bitstream or DTS but company dont tell me to do that...
    My question and My confusion now is about really Sound surround better than stereo in Headsets ???
    Am I bought a wrong headset ??? Iam not playing online but I want Immerse and be exited when I am playing horror games like Until Dawn or war games Like Battlefield or COD- singleplayer.. or AC: black flag Naval war ....... My head set is really good for that sound ???? or still not ???
    is you see in that pic.... in Surround Sound Processing Says that its: DTS headphone X7.1 whats that mean ??? I am sure that its stereo ....

    and my last question is: Stereo is enought to enjoy from Highest explosive sounds to lowest whispear ???
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    From the look of the spec sheet without doing any google searches at all, it looks like it only has two drivers (speakers) and uses emulated surround sound (built into the USB) to simulate the broader acoustic range. Either way, I honestly don't think it makes any difference. What matters more is when you plug it in, if it sounds good. Stereo or surround sound both let you fully enjoy the music/sound effects from a game, although I don't think the quality comes close to a proper 2.1 or above speaker set which use larger drivers to deliver a more fuller sound range.

    Just my two cents.