Supercard white screen/loading screen freeze, sd card?

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by secretseeker, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. secretseeker

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    Nov 20, 2013
    Hi, i just got a supercard ds two for 3DS XL, version 6.3.0-12U. I upgraded to the lastest Supercard firmware, formatted the sd card with the panasonic tool and i copied games using the dongle included with the supercard. I bought a sandisk sdhc card 4 gb, and I didn't check the class when i did.

    Currently i can only load a "Lost in blue 2" rom i have on the sdhc card. I switched the card to another sandisk sdhc 16 gb (My cellphone's) and this one card can play some more roms that the other card can't; the just freeze in the supercard loading screen in patch mode, or send a white screen on clean mode. I also tried trimming roms using nds tokyo trim with no results.

    The only conclusion is that both my sd cards are too slow , maybe they are a class 2? how do i check the class of a sdhc card, is there a tool for that?Is class 6 good enough ?

    Do you think there is any other reason i'm getting a freeze?

    Edit: Ok i just checked the card and it's actually a class 4... so what now?
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    Class 4 should be good enough.
    Try backing up the contents and formatting the sd card with the panasonic sd formatter with settings: Full (Erase) and Size Adjustment: ON.
    Now restore your backup to the sd card.
  3. secretseeker

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    Nov 20, 2013
    Nope, after formatting with those settings copying the same folder back i'm still getting it like this:

    Games with no icon hang at loading or a white screen. The only game working is the world ends with you; Before formatting again I used Killdisk and quick format like in this guide:

    Install Killdisk.
    Connect your microSD to your computer.
    Run Killdisk.
    Look for the drive that matches it on the left panel of killdisk.
    Checkmark Removable Disk with the same file size as your microSD. You should be able to recognize which disk is your microSD.
    Right click on it -> Kill Disk.
    Choose one pass zeroes, Checkmark verification and type 100 in the box, checkmark Skip disk erase confirmation.
    Push start.
    Wait for it to finish.
    Once it's done, close out Killdisk, and open SD Formatter. Make sure no other flash drives/SD of any type are connected besides your microSD. Go to options, choose format type: quick, and format size adjustment on. Then click format.
    Now your microSD is as close to new as it can get.
    The killdisk format thing took about half an hour. Resulting format is fat 32. The games are clean, i've checked em with DS-Scene rom tool and the CRC's are recognized; this is before loading them in the supercard, after that their CRC is changed when patching. This happens also with TWEWY which does load.

    Would formatting the card to fat16 or other format help? any other ideas? Thanks.