supercard dstwo reading 1/10 inserts

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  1. NicholasCullihal

    NicholasCullihal GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 28, 2012
    hello i have an original supercard dstwo that my new 3ds and old 3ds both can read about 1/10 times i insert it. just wondering if this is fixable or if i should just look into getting a new one. i have tried cleaning the contacts to no success, i should also note that the casing isn't being held on it anymore. my dad took out the tiny screw and accidentaly lost it. maybe bad contact with the pins inside, idk whats wrong with it. help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, nick
  2. Cjmcgiv

    Cjmcgiv GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 31, 2016
    Defiantly try replacing the case screw. If that doesn't work, disassemble the cart and check if the PCB is seated correctly. That's all I got anyway.

    Edit: Does the same thing happen with other DS/3DS carts? if so, check your 3ds pins, they may need to be fixed.
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  3. GreatCrippler

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    Mar 27, 2010
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    Grand Junction, Colorado
    Paper under the contacts may also help.
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