SuperCard DSTWO GBA compatible

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    SuperCard DSTWO

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    I hope it is a lot better if it is not it won’t be wort buying and that would be sad, a 25% compatible is very bad, it's got to be able to play Earth Worm Jim
    Could some one at Supercard please let us know? PLEASE

    Consider that emulators are programs that can be updated, so probably the first version will not have the best compatibility, but it might be updated and perfected as time passes.
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    Actually, it's already very impressive. I've played several GBA games in the iPlayer emulator, which will be the same emulator in the DSTWO (Maybe even with improvements).
    Here are some games I can give feedback on:

    Astro Boy - Defaults to 2 frame skip. If you set it to 0, then it runs almost perfect. But the sound garbles up slightly then. Fully playable in both modes
    Drill Dozer - Runs perfectly
    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - Freezes at introduction video
    Legend of Zelda / A link to the past - Runs perfect (Beaten it from start to finish)
    Legend of Zelda / Minish Cap - Runs perfect (Beaten it from start to finish)
    Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Runs near perfect
    Mario Golf - Advance Tour - Runs near perfect except at 'graphic intense' places. Such as when you hit the ball and you see all that fireworks and stuff. Which gives a minor slowdown at that moment.
    Medal of Honor Infiltrator - Freezes
    Metroid Zero Mission - Runs perfect (Beaten it from start to finish)
    Monster Rancher Advance - Runs perfect
    Ninja Five-0 - Runs near perfect
    Risk, Battleship, Clue - Runs almost perfect (some missing graphics when adding / moving units in Risk)
    Sigma Star Saga - Runs near perfect
    Warioware Inc, Mega Microgames - Runs perfect
    Zone of the Enders, the first of Mars - Runs perfect

    I would say that every 'turnbased' game would most likely be perfect to play as well. Since those are the ones least affected by frame skips.
    Hopefully that will encourage you some.
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    I heard SC has great support so any problems with compatibility can be reported and fixed in future firmware updates.
    Does the DSTWO plays GBA games with the same software the iPlayer has ?
    Already pre-ordered it when it was 30$ [​IMG]