1. Syynx

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    Jun 5, 2018
    United States
    super trash bros.

    A mod that makes sweeping gameplay changes to the SSBU roster

    Key features/changes:
    • Double jump is no longer a standard mechanic
    • Each fighter's physics have been retuned to play tighter and to more closely resemble their respective games
    • Each fighter's size has been taken into account and adjusted accordingly
    • Guard has been reworked, you can now guard forever and the shield replenishes nearly instantly when you're not guarding

    So basically this turns SSBU into trash. Fun trash where each fighter (hopefully) more closely reflects their respective game's gameplay physics while keeping their animations fluid, fitting, and fun. Additionally this also tightens up the core gameplay and feels more like a proper platformer.

    Right now the mod is in it's first ready for release version, meaning I've gone through each of the fighters and I'm generally pretty happy with how each of them feel. Balance right now is guaranteed to be thrown out the window, so just enjoy and relearn your favorite characters or try new ones you didn't like before and you might really enjoy them a lot now!

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