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    My problem: Can't beat Mimi the boss in chapter 8-2. I've done tons of damage to her but she won't die, I'm guessing this is a anti-piracy thing put in by Intelligent Systems to fuck with people like me. They should have put it in the beginning instead! This is cruel.

    Now I have the option to buy the game I guess, BUT ofc, I had downloaded the american version, so I guess if I buy the PAL version it won't recognize the NTSC save file I have? And there's no way to convert save files is there? And if I buy the NTSC game, it won't run on my Wii, as it's only softmodded and not chipped. I have no freeloader either.

    Am I fucked or am I fucked?
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    You should be able to run a NTSC original game on a softmodded PAL Wii, but I never tried it myself.
    And you most Wii saves can be converted, normally you just have to change the title ID in the save. But maybe you should try this with a downloaded PAL copy to be sure before you buy that.
    Oh and I haven't got around to play Super Paper Mario yet, but I don't think it had any anti-piracy measures in it, judging by how old it is. Maybe look into a boss guide, could be you have to do something special to do damage you haven't thought of yet.
    And by the way, this is the wrong forum section for this.
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    knock all of mimi legs off
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    Ideas factory :)
    Google or youtube and learn by watching :)
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    :rofl:- Funniest thing I've read all day! Of course I've now got to fire the soddin game back up coz you've mentioned it......(yeah, get shut of the legs!)
    Shouldn't laugh though: I remember thinking along the same lines on certain games myself back in the day.... "nah, it's gotta be bugged, I've tried EVERYTHING!"
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    No freeloader? You don't need freeloader. That is really old stuff you are talking about. Maybe you need to update your softmods or something.
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    Freeloader? Is it 2008 again?