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    Apr 29, 2019
    In one of the earlier trailers for mario galaxy (the one featuring the early peanut planet) there was a launch star with a red trail instead of the normal blue one you find in game. The thing is I remember it being still in the game somewhere. Even mario wiki mentions a launch star with a red trail, although it doesn't specify which one and I can't find the article again. Either one of two things is happening right now, its that condition where you have a false memory or its actually there which I know it is. Could someone help me find this launch star with the red trail? I know for sure that its not in a smaller galaxy like bigmouth or hurry-scurry, not in any of the small ones at all I believe. I remember it being in a big grassy planet like good egg or something. I'm not sure if there would be any differences between mario or luigi. So to restate, could someone help me find this launch star with a red trail?
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