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    Nov 8, 2008
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    [​IMG]Well it was about a year ago that I began a very ambitious project that was unlike any rpg maker game ever made. Sadly, it lacked EVERY resource I needed to make my dream come true but I still stubbornly made the game anyway. It's not a bad game if you knew how much drama and effort went into making it, I mean I literally had nothing, just the core components of rpg maker and not a single script yet it DOES feel like a Suikoden game. It's been sitting around,locked away, never properly introduced to the world, it's highly flawed yet it is still worth a play-through if you really enjoy Suikoden lore. You probably won't understand the heavy foreshadowing but it was built so that episode I would be a demo and set the stage for some very interesting revelations that would bridge the gap between Suikoden II and III. Sadly, I literally had to make the game with 4 backgrounds, a simple battle system, a text bar that wouldn't allow for proper editing due to a cutoff, amidst a multitude of other problems. But again, if you enjoy reading and immersing yourself in the Suikoden world, It's definitely a fun 2 hour ride that returns and feels like the classic playstation Suikoden games. I studied the lore of Suikoden to create a clever story that tied all 5 games together within the consistency of their backstories, but was never able to demonstrate it cleanly in the second act. Try it out, just realize it is what it is, huge potential that was never reached due to inexperience and a lack of help.

    I am proud that I did this much with so little, and I post it here in hopes that perhaps even if unlikely, someone with a knowledge of ruby scripting would show interest in helping me do this the right way, because the story is there, it builds on itself and takes a huge step, this is more of a rushed introductory tale, but really, with even a little help, I could make one of the best rpg maker games ever, this was my first game and it displayed a unique concept, to not make an rpg maker game, to make a real game.
    Download Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CH47OXV9
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