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Discussion in 'EDGE' started by porkiewpyne, Dec 25, 2009.

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    I have been using EDGE for quite some time now and i never really had much of a problem. However, today for some reason, i found a weird message when trying to play two of my games (the others were okay though. Thank God!). I took out the microsd card and put it back in again but i still got that same message for the same two games. Here's the message

    " There has been a save memory
    related error. ROM save memory
    support is disabled for this
    session. Please see the EDGE
    website for more information.

    Error code: -1"

    This is the first time this message has appeared and first time a technical issue was so persistent. Even restarting the game does not solve the issue. I suspect that the ROM may be at fault but just want to make sure before i do something stupid.

    Can someone tell me what to do now? i would really really appreciate the assistance. Thanks!

    PS: The EDGE website was NO help at all. The uk version was only helpful for little things like how to use moonshell and stuff.

    EDIT: My mistake. The ROM was fine. Somehow it was the sav file got corrupted. Couldn't even copy it somewhere else. i just deleted it and changed my OS to the latest one. Then tragedy struck. My whole microsd card reformatted after i restarted when my game froze. btw the annoying message was no longer there. 2 Jan 2010. i will remember this date for life. should have done a backup. too late for that now. Hours of hard work down the drain. so basically there is nothing anyone can do to solve the problem except delete the corrupted sav file. once again i solved my own problem.
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