Hacking Strange SD card issue, can't copy APP files?


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Sep 17, 2003
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Ahhm I have to come out of lurking once again to ask a question.

So I just went through and downgraded my New XL (which went fine), made a backup of my NAND, and am trying to set up an emuNAND following a tutorial. Well, I'm trying to backup my SD card, and I've run into the strangest issue.

Whenever I try to copy the title folder over (and JUST this folder), the SD dismounts. This seems to only happen on the APP files, and doesn't seem to matter on file size. I tried this on an SD slot, and 3 different USB ports with two different SD readers, a second PC (Windows 7, first being Windows 10) as well as a Windows 10 tablet. The issue of copying APP files persists. I even tried with the command prompt and using robocopy... Every other folder copied without issue, just the title folder, just the APP files. Any ideas what to do here? It's such a specific issue that I can't imagine I'm the only one, but I've done a little searching and only found one guy on reddit with the same issue a year ago, and his problem was solved by using a different card reader. For the record, it's a 64GB Sandisk formatted to FAT32.

I did set up ftBrony. Not a great solution, as it's transferring amazingly slow... to the point that I did some quick math and it'd take just under a week to finish transferring if it kept the rate steady, and my connection has already crashed once. Then I'd have to copy it all back after...

Somewhat related, but I'm still learning as I follow the tutorials and I'll admit, I haven't looked into this question. Would I be able to redownload all of my games from the eShop once I set everything up? I did see there was some issue with accessing the eShop through the New 3DSs that can be gotten around by spoofing, but is it a perfect science? It's a shame to have to, I have an insane amount of titles I've bought, but I'm willing to if I must. In that case, is there a way to bulk backup saves? I'd hate to lose it all.

Wall of text because I've gotta go to work! If you have any help, thanks! If you need any more info, let me know.

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