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    [​IMG] Wii: version 4.2u - SoftMod

    What do I have to do to play IOS games on the Wii?
    •can I burn them on a disk and play the game? AND...can I put them on my external HD as well?
    -how do I partition the hard drive to play the games. If I do not want to make a full 1tb
    -also I want space on the HD to put other media on! If I partition it half/half, am I able to watch those movies on the Wii?

    I got the HomeBrew Channel, so now what?
    -What games can I play and where can I get them?

    What is Hermes? Do I need it? For the sake of getting everything set up quicker, How do I do that, considering I already have HomeBrew & a USBloader already installed! How do I go back into the settings of the mod to add Hermes

    Is it possible to play and watch DVDs on the Wii?
    •is that DVDX?

    DSi version 1.4u

    Can I use a regular SanDiskHC on my DSi?
    •I am gathering the answer is "No"! Sooooo......
    •What is the best way to play games from a memory card? What is the best DSi FlashCard out there?
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    wow that's alot of questions, but i know i got a correct answer for all.
    1. what your asking about are ISOs yes you can make those out of the games you already own using CFG usb loader 57r10.
    2. it depends how old your wii is, if you bought it not too long ago chances are you can not play burned copies.
    3.yes , as a matter of opinion you should put you ISOs on an HDD.
    4.Use Easeus Partition Master to split your HDD but you don't have to. why? because CFG usb loader supports Fat32 as well as NTFS formats. so all your media and ISOs can now be on the same partition.
    5. ye you do need hermes 222v4 and 223v4. they can be installed using yawmm.
    6. yes you should install dvdx, after which go to you homebrew browser and download mplayer ce, this will play your dvds. again only if you have an older wii.

    1. yes get an acekard 2i. i've got 16gb sandiskhc transflash in mine.

    by the way you post is not stupid, i think my first post went something like your. this shit was confusing at first, real good community though.
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    It WAS DVDX, IMO. It still exists, though support has been dropped by nearly all Emulators and the up-to-date Media Players. If you want to watch DVDs on the Wii, you'll need WiiMC, and IOS202. You can find them at the WiiMC-Homepage. And like above, it only works if you have an older Wii.

    About Hermes cIOS: Actually, you don't need it. With the right loaders (CFG-Loader, WiiFlow) Wanins cIOS rev19 is enough, and does all the stuff Hermes does. And some loaders still have some (small?) problems with Hermes cIOS. All games work fine for me with Wanins one. Though, it is tricky to install cIOS rev19 with two bases, so for newcomers, I would say go with Hermes, or follow a good tut.