Steam stops accepting Argentinian Pesos

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A lot of companies have ceased their operations in Argentina, Valve seems to take a similar route, although Argentinians will still be able to purchase Steam games, they'll have to do so in American Dollars

the message roughly translates to
"Purchases in Argentina
Due to the latest actions taken by Argentina's government, we do not see ourselves in a position were we are able to keep offering our services in pesos (ARS$).
-Steam will begin to have it's prices in American Dollars (U$S) October 10th 2020. Sincere apologies to our Argentinian users for this inconvinience, we will try to bring back Arrgentinian currency as soon as possible.
-Pesos already in wallets will be exchanged to dollars, with a 1 USD to 120 ARS conversion rate"
it cites government measures, though the inestability of the ARS most likely played a bigger role, considering it already destabilized the Steam Community Market
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