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    I just reinstalled Windows Vista. I have decided to start over fresh with all of my themes, apps, ect. If you can help me find nice, dark, minimalistic themes/skins (preferrably with some red/dark red elements in them) for the applications listen below, it would be much appreciated.

    Here's what I need in short:
    Vista Theme
    Foobar2000 Skin
    MirandaIM/Digsby skin
    firefox theme

    more information on each:

    Vista Theme: To give you an idea of what I like, here's my most favorite theme that I have used:


    I am considering doing a full shell replacement as well, however I am torn between the two major shell replacements, litestep and BlackBox/BBlean for Windows.

    Foobar2000 skin: The only skin I've ever had for this is FooNION because it was the only one I could find that looked good enough and had a tutorial on how to get it working. However I ended up not really liking it. The colors were a bit flat, it left a lot of empty space that made it look unbalanced, and it couldn't expand to fill my screen which made navigating around my large playlist rather difficult.

    MirandaIM/Digsby skin. I haven't decided which IM application to use, at this point my choice is heavily influenced by how good I can make it look. I have never used either one so I cannot give you any examples of what I've had in the past, but just look at what I've used on other things and it should be possible to find something.

    Firefox theme: While using FF2 I almost exclusively used RedShift, mainly because I really liked the color scheme. Now that I'm using FF3 I use Nasa Night Launch, and it is alright now that I've stripped out a fair bit of the chrome but the buttons are still a bit bulky and it needs some red elements. I have also looked at the rein theme because the layout is pretty nice and from the author's comments it looked like it would be easy to change the colors (the defaults are rather ugly). However I cannot figure out how to change the colors, and those instructions seem to be for creating new toolbars.

    That's all I can think of at the moment. I may add one or two other apps later but I sort of doubt it.

    Thank you for any input!