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    Aug 2, 2009

    Okay, so I have the DVD5 version of SSBB, and I was using the Wii firmware version of 3.2U. Then I downloaded Wii Sports Resort, and I allowed it to do the system update (because I did not know how to fix the blue screen of death error that happens otherwise). So it updated to 3.4 (IIRC), and I remember that version not being able to play trucha-signed discs (I believe the DVD5 SSBB falls into this category). So I'm like, "okay, I can just downgrade and play Brawl again, I'll figure out how to load from a hard drive later." So I downgrade back to 3.2, and I pop the SSBB disc in (it asks for another update, which I do). After that, it happily shows up in my Disc Channel, I load it, and...I get an error message (eject the disc, turn the power off, and consult the manual, etc). What the heck? Isn't SSBB supposed to work now? I have tried figuring out how to load from a hard drive, but I failed at that. But that's beside the point; I am thinking of burning the disc again with the brick blocker (removing the update) or getting an older version of GeckoOS (because I updated it and it can't do squat now). So should I go with what I have planned or is there something else I'm missing?