Splatoon v2.9 update is live!

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    I didn't see anyone else make a post about this, so I thought I'd report. As leaked by @NWPlayer123 this update brings support for the squid sisters (my waifus) Callie and Marie amiibo which will be released this Friday at this time of writing, plus some additional weapons and stage balances *cough cough* stability *cough*

    More info and source here: http://nintendonews.com/blog/splatoon-update-2-9-patch-notes/
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  2. loler55

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    the last patch for this game:rofl2:
  3. Captain_N

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    atleast you dont need a season pass for all the dlc (cept for amiibo but you can fake that)
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  4. Swiftloke

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    Jan 26, 2015
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    The amiibo were already out where I am...

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    That's not funny D:
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