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    So I've got quite a problem. I've got a hotmail account, which I use for MSN and e-mail, and I use windows live mail from WL essentials.
    So I woke up this morning, and looked at my inbox on my HTC, and I had 12 emails in my inbox. All from or something like that, saying that all sorts of emails hadn't been delivered to people.
    It turns out, more then 500 spam emails were send from my account, while I was online. People are getting pissed because of this, and me to. I've already changed my password of my account, run a full virus scan, but still the emails are getting send out, and are almost at a 1000.

    So what can I do to stop this? Thanks.
  2. Lilith Valentine

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    Gather your contact, delete your account and make a new one.
    That's the only thing I can think of.
  3. scrtmstr

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    Aug 20, 2009
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    thanks for the quick reply, but that's not going to be an option. I've already tried another account, and WL 2011 doesn't let me for some reason.

    Anyway, just ran another scan, and it come up with 23 tracking cookies and a couple of other tracking stuff. Could those be the cause?
  4. Originality

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    Tracking cookies are lil files that store things like your browsing history or search preferences. This helps advertisements send you things that you "might" be interested in. It also stores site-specific settings, like the google cookie only tells google that I like to see 100 results per page and to open a new tab when clicking a link. Whilst scans often flag them, they don't usually act on them because they're not that harmful. Likewise, deleting them won't harm the computer at all.

    Usually, spam-bots are spread through worms (email worms, although they can also spread through IM worms, trojan/downloaders or USB worms) and sometimes don't get picked up because they're technically not malicious. Anti-malware is more effective at catching it than anti-virus programs. Also they tend to be very hard to catch unless you're in safe-mode. There are also some that won't show up on your computer at all (floating in the email servers) but they're rare, and it's more likely to be something hijacking your browser without you knowing.

    Have a read of Rydian's sticky/guide before you continue any further. There's a lot of information there, but it'll help you understand a lil more.
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    Nov 1, 2009
    Probably being lazy.
    Normally, I would be a smartass, and tell you to not use Hotmail.

    However, if you're hell bent on using it, setup a new account, and set the privacy setting so that only your Friends (and their friends potentially), can see and search for you on hotmail.

    ....Or you could just use Gmail, never had a spam issue myself with Gmail.
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    You can probably use a GMail account to check your Hotmail account as another IMAP account(?), or forward your Hotmail straight to a GMail address. Not 100% sure about the former as I've not set it up before, but I have three hotmail accounts that I changed to forward all mail to a single account. I am still able to use those addresses for all other Windows Live services.

    unreasonably long rant
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    It's worth a try, but delete some emails you don't want (or all) cause there's a small chance it has something to do with an email someone sent you.
    It's worth a shot.
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    Just to check - Are you SURE those Emails sent were actually from you (& your Hotmail Account) ??

    I had emails of 'undelivered' a while back, on checking my 'sent' box there was nothing there - so I can only assume some1 had faked my Hotmail address & spammed other people, but undeliverd ones were sent back to me

    I admit that a couple of times I had such emails I DID noticed one thing though - friends who complained that they had received emails 'from me' were only the contacts in my Hotmail account (I have 2 'address books' - one on PC in Thunderbird & another one in Hotmail)

    So I'm not sure HOW emails were being sent to people in my Hotmail Contacts & yet not get them to show up in 'Sent' box.

    To avoid it in future I deleted that particular Hotmail account & got another one (ending in though) & I never have any contacts in the Hotmail address book either (meaning I have to look them up each time). Since then I've not had any emails like that again

    Could it be a Email in the account had SOMEHOW looked @ my Hotmail contacts & passed that info onto some1 else, who then sent spam out ?? I don't know... all I do know is that my PC was clean from Malware/Viruses ...

    I used 3-4 different Malware programs, & 4-5 Antivirus (online AND offline) & manually 'deep scanned' the system - & all but one program gave it a clean bill of health (BTW it was 'A-squared free' that was the one that didn't give a clean bill of health - but on checking the file it claimed online with - it was 'clean', so must've been a 'false detect')
  10. prowler

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    Jul 14, 2009
    Seriously, people still use hotmail?
    I have two live accounts, one for 'work' type of things (Forward to gmail and filtered to a folder) and my WLM account.
    I barely even give out these emails and yet I've got tons of spam.

    Use gmail.