SpaceShip Omega (Wii entry)

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    Dec 20, 2010
    Spaceship Omega is my attempt to do a StarFox-like
    I didn't have much time to work on it, but it works and looks OK.

    The sound effects don't work yet, but I'll try to find the time making it work.

    Controls :
    Nunchuk Stick : move
    B : Fire lasers
    Minus : take a screenshot (stored in "screeshots" subfolder)
    Plus : Quit

    Story :
    You're in command of one of the greatest ships humans have made.
    You have trained for years to fight nasty aliens that want to conquer Earth. Eventually, you're ready to go on your first mission, but...
    No big ennemy to fight yet, so let's keep on training !

    You're send to the Trial Canyon to test your skills avoiding walls and ennemy fire and exploding them all.
    Good luck recruit !

    Instructions :
    Each time you play, a new Trial Canyon is generated. Our fellow engineers have made it so you can always reach the end if you're good enough.
    If your lifebar reach zero you lose ! We made sure your ship doesn't explode each time you lose, because training you and building your ship cost A LOT !
    In the central gutter, there is a nasty peace of machinery called the SandSquirel (even though it looks like a badger or a hedgehog), be sure to knock it down before it releases its Globe of Pain.

    Staff Roll (please slowly scroll your web page) :
    Olyfno : Graphics
    EvilTroopa : Code, SFX, Music, Level Design (what ?!)

    ScreenShots :

    File URL :

    Special thanks
    Dev-fr forum and IRC : Smealum, Ludo6431, Morukutsu, and that other guy that annoys me most of the time (you know who you are)
    GRRLIB for being such a great start to do my own 3D engine.
    Olyfno, for making such great models and textures
    My awesome and beautiful GF, for allowing me to spend some evenings on my computer instead of her.
    All the judges, if they make me win.

    PS : A thread says the bounty is closed but it's not midnight GMT yet...
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    From Where???
    gmt is -5 est and its past 7 est so it is where i am. but bst is in effect so you are fine.

    -another world
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    benevolence radiates from you AW
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