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    I installed the BootNTR cia. Sooooo, what's the next step? What do I need to do to get things like a wireless capture card, or cheat codes?
    Sorry for the noob questions
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    Mmmm Google.
    Find rom hacks/cheats in the 3ds rom hacking area.
    Find out how to stream 3ds games to pc in the tutorial area. (n3ds only)

    Poems for you
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  3. imthe666st

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    Aug 16, 2015
    You need NTR 3.4 pre 2. If you have so, continue. Otherwise download it.

    For wireless streaming use the NTR Debugger. If you want easier usage use my modified debugger right here:

    For my modified debugger just connect and go to the "Debugging" Tab. Open the NTR Viewer and press on "Remoteplay". It should start the wireless streaming with some pretty good options. ( priorityMode = 0, priorityFactor = 5, quality = 90, qosValue = 100 )
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