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    Jan 31, 2008
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    First of all let me say that i did not make this application.

    Ok, i know this doesnt really belong here but im sure people will like it.
    Its an application that lets you play sonic riders online with other people
    i havnt tested it myself but id really like to.
    anyone who wants to try it out with me email me at
    ill give you the program aswell, i dont really know how to attach files here so ill
    send it over messenger.

    one thing thho, in race online you cant pause the game and your computer MUST be good enough to run it at full speed (or close), no computer lag due to old hardware. like if its minor its ok, but if its really bad well it'll keep pauing to sync.
    also, in the HOST box, you gota type in your IP
    i really hope it works i wanna give it a go!! [​IMG]

    EDIT: here:

    can be downloaded 10 times, when it runs out ill give it to you via messenger.