Sonic Generations : New Trailer [Japanese]

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    New trailer out for Sonic Generations for Japan
    I actually like how the 3DS one is turning out!

    That special stage is gonna give me returning nightmares... hated heroes special stages due to glitches. Hopefully all those glitches are solved
    Water Palace looks pretty!
    Radical Highway looks awesome
    Emerald Coast looks somewhat bland. eh it will still be fun
    Tropical Resort looks beautiful very reminiscent of Colors DS.

    Looks like online multiplayer is confirmed here aswell!

    Can't wait to pick this up on friday next week!
    Until then i've got Super Mario 3D Land and Cave Story 3D to tide me over!
    Absolutely loving Cave Story! Never played the original Cave Story but man i wish i did, this game is epic!
    Super Mario 3D Land is very awesome! First Mario game on 3DS and it delivered!