Some homebrew to sort my Menu?

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    May 10, 2016
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    Hey folks,

    just CBHC my Wiiu and i am downloading a few games for wiiU and different VC.
    Now my menu is full of icons from games, but i want to sort it...
    A folder for wiiu games, a folder for VC games - i know i can do it myself, but if i make a new folder, it has no icon (sorry, i am new at the wiiu stuff)

    is there a way to sort it for different systems and make nice icons for it ?
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    As far as I know, you cannot assign icons to folders. You can change the icons of existing software without any issues, however.
    Using a tool like FTPiiU Everywhere, you can navigate to where the program is stored (/storage_mlc/titles/00050000/<title id of target program>/meta), download the "iconTex.tga" file, edit it using any image editor, and then flash it back to your console.

    The only program that can automatically organise your software sorts them into alphabetical order, not by folders. If you are still interested, just search for "Wii U Menu Sort" or visit the Homebrew App Store.
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