Some GW Emunand questions

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    hay guys,
    um, i have some questions on gw emunand,

    1) one big issue that I'm having is with getting my save that i backed up using GW menu to work on emunand,
    i tired what the save guide said but i still have the CTR -- Broken-- in savefillerdata.
    unless i should make a rom save first then rename that save to the gw save name and then copy my save over?

    also i think the CTR --broken-- wasn't in emunand 7.1 that i had when i first got my gateway card,
    i backuped up my emunand 7.1 so i have a backup of it if need be, I'm emunand now is 9.0, so maybe the save isn't compatable with 9.0 +?

    2) does switching emunands like form 9.0 to 7.1 or 7.1 to 9.0 break anything in emunand?
    like losing my saves or removing installed Programs or such?

    3) the blue gw card i have doesn't work on sys fw 7.1-12, black screen when i launch it, but my R4I Gold Plus does work fine, thanx to it's update for 3ds :)
    um can the GW_INSTALLER.nds file because with any ds flash cart, so i can use my R4I gold plus cart to install gw mode exploit (in the future if GW makes an update that works with 2ds/o3ds for meet/offline gw boot mode).

    4) i have the stock SYS hand.bin of my ads that it came with (6.0_ i backuped it up to be safe,)
    um i updated my sys from 6.0 to 7.1 using Zelda Majoria's Mack cart,
    can i (if i wanted too) go back to 6.0 FW sys hand by simply restoring my sys fw to 6.0 stock fw using the backup i made with gw menu?