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    So i powered up my 2ds for the first time in 2 months. and I come to see that none of my games are installed. I took out the SD card i've been using to check on it on my computer and it seems that all the files are there but for some reason the games are refusing to show up on my 2ds. Granted i also have my homebrew files on there as well(Havent updated to 11.1 yet.. still trying to figure out whats going on with my files) So i dont know what to do. Do i upgrade to 11.1 and risk losing my ability to homebrew or can i try to redownload everything through the eshop again while on 11.0? or.. what are my options here. Also if someone can give me an explaination so i can avoid an issue like this in the future?
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    I'm assuming you're running on 11.0 right now?
    Since you're on 11.0 already i dont think you have anything to lose. Try copying files from the card, reformatting it and putting everything back on to see if that helps.

    Other than that you dont have any other options except finding another 3DS with DSi Ware games to do a transfer and downgrade to 9.2
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